Corporate Business Law

Corporate Business LawYour corporate business transactions require attention to detail and dedication to your bottom line. That is why when you choose legal representation for these efforts, you want knowledgeable and effective attorneys who handle these matters on the local and international scale. Experience is the guiding principle that supports success in your transactions and profit goals.

Hateley & Hampton is based in Santa Monica, CA and serves clients worldwide on corporate matters. Any law firm can help you form a corporation and file the right forms, but our services extend into complex matters that many attorneys will not tackle. We can help you with formation, but also lend assistance with:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Transferring ownership or blending companies requires many steps that become more complex when you consider federal regulations. When you pursue this on the international scale, your responsibilities increase along with the risk. With our knowledge and experience, we can assure a smooth transition that ends with meeting profitable goals. You will enter mergers or acquisitions fully informed and able to present a clear strategy.
  • Fund Formation: Investments, lending, and venture capital create excellent opportunities for funding your venture. However, they are also an avenue to travel cautiously, especially if you run up against securities regulations. We can help you navigate this risky territory successfully.
  • Commercial contracts: Your corporate contracts are the basis of your transactions whether with partners, buyers, vendors or independent contractors. Our efforts focus on clear contracts that inform all parties of the expectations and support a successful transaction.

Contact Hateley & Hampton today to discuss your corporate business law needs. We look forward to serving you.

Posted by: mprictor on November 28, 2016