Real Estate

Real EstateExpanding your business is an exciting development but when that means additional building space or land, you have another legal issue ahead of you. Real estate law for corporate transactions does not contain the same protections as residential ones. That is why you need to proceed with caution and assure your interests are protected.

Hateley & Hampton helps businesses with their real estate purchases whether they pursue a local property or look to expand overseas. Based in Santa Monica, CA and serving clients worldwide, we can help you choose a property, negotiate a price, and supervise the closing. Our efforts also include assuring any needed inspections and warranties so you enter a purchase knowing that your new or additional location suits your needs.

When it is time to purchase real estate for your business, contact Hateley and Hampton today to start the process with skilled legal support. We look forward to helping you relocate or expand your business.

Posted by: mprictor on November 28, 2016