TaxationMany of your local and international decisions could result in excess taxation. There is also a possibility that you may mishandle tax matters or fail to provide the right form to the IRS. When these situations are possible, you need legal assistance from attorneys who understand these issues for local, national, and international transactions.

When Hateley & Hampton handles your corporate law matter, we will also advise on applicable tax laws. Based in Santa Monica, CA and serving clients worldwide, we help you take the steps needed to prevent taxation mishaps. Our services will assist you in:

  • Making informed decisions – If there is a section of tax law that could increase your burden, we will educate you. This allows you decide whether an investment or strategy is worth the tax consequences.
  • Completing the right reports – Just as we will assist you with SEC filings, we will also provide and help you complete any forms required by the state or the IRS.
  • Guide you through disputes – If you are audited by the IRS or the state, we will assure the protection of your legal rights and refer you to any tax professionals who can assist you further.

If your corporate entity faces taxation issues or you want to take preventive action, contact Hateley & Hampton today to schedule an appointment.

Posted by: mprictor on November 28, 2016